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What are cookies and how can you manage them?

Post in Around the web by Milberg,

Cookies make your browsing experience more convenient by saving key information about your browsing session. We rely on them every day for convenience and in most cases we don’t even know what they are and how much they know about us.

By and large, the information a Cookie holds is harmless. For example, Cookies can keep you signed into a page requiring a login. They can also remember your site preferences, remember items you placed in a basket online, or offer you locally relevant content.

In the last few years you may have noticed a tab on the top of each website that appears once you enter that site – by law, websites should inform you that a cookie is active and may have access to information. In most cases this is for the very purposes highlighted above.

You have every right to restrict or remove these Cookies if you would rather not have that information stored on your device. The Information Commissioner’s Office has a clear checklist for those who want to restrict Cookies, and the process is very simple. Follow the links on their page and take control of your Cookies!

Cookies have the ability to target certain advertisements to you. Companies use this information to promote their products and engage you with things you may be interested in. If you want to limit this kind of targeting, the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) have established a tool that lets you scan all Cookies working through your browser. Using this tool, you can opt-out of interest based advertising.

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